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The 2018 GMC Sierra coming to Australia through trusted importer American Vehicle Sales. Complied for Australian Design Rules and available through a national dealer network with 7 years Warranty. Building on 25 years of importing American trucks, the 2018 model adds modern design and comfort to the truck market.

The 2018 GMC Sierra coming to Australia with a range of options again including the ever popular Duramax V8 diesel in addition to a range of V8 petrol engines. Together with the Allison auto, the V8 Duramax diesel provides a strong, reliable and powerful platform.  The Duramax is available on the heavy duty line 2500 and 3500 models. Correspondingly the 1500 series comes with either a 5.3 or 6.2 V8 petrol engine. These petrol engines are fitted with cylinder shut down. This allows the engine to reduce fuel usage when cruising on the road.

The GMC Sierra is available in Australia in a range of trim

2017 Chevy Silverado Duramax Upgrade

Available through American Vehicle Sales
The 2017 Chevy Silverado Duramax Upgrade

The Chev Silverado Duramax is built for the rugged Australian Conditions and covered by a local warranty, providing peace of mind.

Powered by the V8 diesel engine, which has a massive 297kw and 1,037nm or torque. A big increase on last years figures. These trucks deliver. Coupled with the Allison 6 speed auto, a purpose designed box designed for heavy use, towing vans, boats and heavy trailers with ease.

Equally important to the engine and auto, is the rear axle. Being known for its strength, the Chev Silverado’s rear end is fitted with the durable Eaton automatic locking diff. Usually, most vehicles allow only one rear wheel to spin. The Chev Silverado automatically detects this spin and correspondingly locks a the spinning wheel in and provides traction.

As shown above there have been some huge power increases. These gains have been achieved in a number of ways, most obviously with the addition of the new air intake system, the scoop that can be

Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6

Available through American Vehicle Sales
Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6

Have you ever wanted the ability to conquer any terrain? Well then, The Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 is the car for you.

There’s no lazy rear axle here. This is a fully functioning 6 Wheel Drive vehicle, with power to all 6 wheels. We’re not just talking standard Ford Raptor 450hp either. The guys at Hennessey Performance boost these beasts to an optional 600, 700 or even a crazy 800hp.

The 800hp package includes upgraded Turbo’s, high flow induction, performance intercooler, stainless exhaust and forged rods. As well as forged pistons, upgraded transmission, ECU and much more. All performance upgraded VelociRaptor’s are serial numbered with their unique identity.

Furthermore, Can you take your Lamborghini on the beach? Will your Bugatti carry your dirt bikes to Cape York? Will your Ferrari take you across the Simpson?

This absolute beastmode of an off-road vehicle does come at a price, starting at

2018 GMC Sierra Denali HD

Available through American Vehicle Sales
2018 GMC Sierra Denali HD

Our 2018 GMC Sierra Denali are on the way from the US. Be the first to secure yourself a brand new truck from conversion industry leader – American Vehicle Sales.

The 2018 GMC Sierra Denali offers a host of features. Including a 440hp, 1,250nm V8 Turbo diesel rated to tow up to a massive 10,800kg. Building on a solid foundation of a high strength – fully boxed chassis. Accordingly from the ground up they’re built to last. Generally speaking many customers purchase for heavy towing duties. However with that in mind, creature comforts are not sacrificed.

In addition to the powerful V8, there is also a focus on safety. In fact the Denali comes equipped with Driver Alert, multiple air bags and even self tensioning seat belts. Coupled with the 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes, digitally assisted steering and side intrusion protection, the 2018 Denali is as solid as a

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