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We stock a wide range of American car parts and accessories


Providing a broad range of American car parts to help you find the part you’re looking for.

American Vehicle Sales carry a wide range of American car parts and accessories. From 2000 model through to current Pick Up and SUV’s. Owing to our long history with GM trucks we have a range extending back many years.

In recent years we have included Ford F series, Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram and Nissan Titan to the range.


Adding to our range of Genuine parts, not to mention a range of aftermarket parts. Including a range of suspension, steering, body and mechanical items.

Similarly we stock a huge range of aftermarket accessories including Side Steps, Canopies, Hard Lids, Wheels and Long Range Tanks. Equally important, fitting is available by appointment through our Service Department.

Another key point, please be sure to have your VIN number available when contacting our Parts Department.  This allows us to ensure prompt service and that the correct parts are supplied.


Rest assured your vehicle is in great care. All accessories & parts are fitted by our qualified technicians.

To get in touch with the team in our Parts Shop or to request parts, please submit your inquiry in the Parts Shop Contact Form ↗

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